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Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care services offered in Beverly Hills, CA

To receive the best medical care for your child, it’s important to have a friendly provider your child feels comfortable with. At Robertson Pediatrics in Beverly Hills, California, skilled physician Dr. Sammy and his expert staff offer comprehensive Pediatric care for kids of all ages and ensure they feel at ease during their visit. Call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule a wellness exam, school or sports physical, or same-day sick visit. 

What is pediatric care?

Pediatric care at Robertson Pediatrics encompasses medical evaluations for children and teens of all ages. It includes disease screening, diagnostic testing, well-child exams, school and sports physicals, same-day sick visits, and treatments that ensure your child stays as healthy as possible. Routine pediatric checkups reduce your child’s risk of developing medical problems and ensure that their health and well-being are optimized.

Dr. Sammy is committed to providing excellent, personalized care with a new-school flair. He hopes to create long-lasting relationships with patients and their families based on trust and respect. Dr. Sammy will partner with you to provide patient-centered care that is comprehensive, holistic, and tailored to your child’s unique needs.


What are the benefits of routine pediatric care?

Some of the benefits your child can expect by attending routine pediatric care visits at Robertson Pediatrics include:

  • Annual Well-child Physicals
  • School and Sports Physicals
  • Disease screening
  • Proactive plan of care
  • Optimization of health and well-being
  • Monitoring of growth and development
  • Early disease detection
  • Chronic disease management
  • Same-day sick visits
  • Stronger immune system
  • Wound care
  • Fracture care
  • Treatment of minor injuries, sprains, and strains
  • On-site diagnostic testing
  • Electronic prescriptions
  • Immunizations
  • Sexual health counseling
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing and treatment
  • Specialist referrals

Choosing regular wellness exams at Robertson Pediatrics can maximize your child’s health, wellness, and overall quality of life.


What should I expect during pediatric care visits?

During pediatric care visits at Robertson Pediatrics, compassionate providers greet your child and offer the following:


Vital signs check

Your provider weighs your child, checks their height, and evaluates head circumference (in babies and young kids), body mass index (BMI), and growth patterns. They also assess blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and other vital signs.


Medical history review

During a medical history review, your provider asks about your child’s medication regimen, medical history, symptoms, and lifestyle habits.


Physical exam

They also complete a physical exam to evaluate your child’s overall health and wellness. They assess their eyes, ears, throat, abdomen, heartbeat, reflexes, breathing, and more. If your child needs a school or sports physicals, they can help your child with this as well. 


Laboratory testing

If your child requires lab testing, Robertson Pediatrics offers blood tests, urine tests, tissue swabs, biopsy procedures, and other diagnostic tests. These tests help detect or rule out possible medical problems. 



Robertson Pediatrics can also help if your child needs treatment for any reason. The practice offers in-office medications/treatments, electronic prescriptions, and access to subspecialists that improve your child’s health and reduce the chance of complications.


When should I schedule pediatric care appointments?

Schedule pediatric care visits for your child if they get ill, become injured, need a school or sports physical, or are due for a routine wellness checkup. You can also book an appointment at Robertson Pediatrics if you have concerns about your child’s growth, development, or physical and mental health.


To learn more about the pediatric care at Robertson Pediatrics, call the office or use the online booking tool today.